The Story of TAJ

At Taj, we believe that cooking is not just about feeding the body but nourishing the soul. For over 40 years, Taj has been built upon the concept of love – love for food, love for heritage, and love for the stories that make every dish special.

Just as the Taj Mahal remains an eternal monument to love’s enduring power, Taj aspires to be a timeless companion in your culinary adventures, bringing love and warmth to your table.

Product Range


Crispy, fluffy & layered Flatbreads

Root Vegetables

Gluten free & nutrient rich root vegetables


Moreish vegetable crisps

Exotic Vegetables

Freshly frozen exotic vegetables


Perfectly portioned herbs


Versatile vegan springroll pastry

Street Food

Aromatic & authentic flavours

Seafood & Halal

Sustainably sourced gourmet range

Discover Recipes with

World Deli

Vegetarian & Vegan

Check out some of these mouth watering recipes with hit vegetarian food bloggers.

Plantbased Recipes

Incorporate more exotic plantbased flavours using root vegetables, herbs and spices.

Savoury Street food

Samosas, Kachoris, and all your popular street food  favourites packed full of tasty sweet and spicy flavours. 

Authentic Dishes

Find out how superstar chef Dipna Anand uses Taj Chopped Methi cubes to make irresistible curries at home.

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